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Interning for Palmetto

Zac Smith
Apr 19 2022
My goal for this internship was to operate the Palmetto High School Football socials as closely as possible to that of a collegiate or professional team, making high quality content that the players and their families would enjoy while better establishing the program on social media. Contrary to my experience in previous internships where I had more time to dedicate to internship-related responsibilities, this internship was located during the fall (football season) of my junior year. This placed an internship with a large scale at a very hectic time. As a result, this internship with Palmetto High School through TigerVision taught me the importance of time allocation and flexibility.
In regard to time allocation, I learned that it is important to set limits on the time it takes to complete certain tasks and the importance of sticking to those limits. In some past internships, I had the ability to sink several hours into a single creative task just because I felt inclined, the limitations set forth from this one taught me to work faster and improved my workflow. Regarding flexibility, multiple posts per week were rarely known more than a week in advance due to unpredictable occurrences like offers and awards. There was also some last minute additions to the post schedule due to limited communication as a result of working remotely. Creation of graphics on the fly and implementation of said graphics into the post schedule was regular. Internships past allowed for a sense of programmatic reliability in terms of the content we put out each week, this internship forced me to be flexible and adapt to whatever circumstances arose. 
I have had a significant interest in joining the creative staff for a collegiate or professional program for some time but wasn't able to intern for the creative staff at UM due to overlapping requirements from football. This internship allowed me to try my hand at nearly every aspect of one of these departments, from creating season posters and other promotional material to motion graphics and live-tweeting games. I worked on social media strategy, shot photos on several occasions, and created various materials for the internal use of the program, all while operating as an in-season, full-time student-athlete.
I think this internship prepared me to work in many different facets of advertising, especially in the digital realm. Whether I am the creative making the advertisements or the one strategizing the campaign, this internship has prepared me for the whole package. Improved workflow, working on time constraints, quick turnaround times, learning to be more flexible, etc. are all things that will help me in the future regardless of where in advertising is next on my journey. 
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