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Zac Smith holding Nikon Camera at Sarasota High School in Sarasota, Florida

Volunteering to Build a Portfolio

While some people learning graphic design will make fan content for their favorite sports teams or complete random prompts, I would suggest finding a way to volunteer when building a portfolio...

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Zac Smith sitting at desk in dark room in front of computers with design software

6 Things I Learned Working Remote

Given the majority of my work experience has post-spring 2020, most of my work to date has been remote. Working remotely has been a blessing as it has allowed me to fit work into a collegiate student-athlete schedule...

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Zac Smith at Palmetto High School posting on Instagram

Interning for Palmetto

This post gives a slight recap of my time with Palmetto during the fall of 2022, when I completed a large scale internship while an in-season full-time student-athlete at the University of Miami.

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