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Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, I grew up a multi-sport athlete and the oldest of 4. While I took part in almost all sports at some point in my early life, the ones that I stuck with were football, weightlifting, and track and field. 

I graduated December 2018 from Sarasota High School, where I was a captain on the football team and held a 4.5 weighted, 3.98 unweighted cumulative GPA. 

I am currently an entering my third year at the University of Miami working towards a bachelor’s in business administration for marketing and a minor in advertising. I also play middle linebacker at The U and am apart of the University of Miami Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Throughout college I have worked part-time and freelance in graphic design, social media management/strategy, photography, app development, and business consulting. 

In the future, I would like to work in the marketing/advertising realm or as a creative director for a collegiate or professional sports team.

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